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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Montreal Musicians I: Carlos Jimenez

I'm starting a new series of posts devoted to some of the great players that the city of Montreal has to offer. I'll start with a few musicians who've I'm lucky enough to perform with.

Maybe I'll start with a shameless plug for a band I'm in lead by the fabulous guitarist Carlos Jimenez. He's recently launched his website (www.Carlosjimenezmusic.com) and watch for his debut cd to be released in April 2011. Of course Carlos has appeared on numerous cd's as a sideman and is in regular demand in Montreal for his very capable guitar artistry. Carlos has a dark warm sound, somewhere between Jim Hall's and Adam Roger's. And I hope he doesn't mind the comparisons. His music is melodic and his soloing bears a remarkable relaxed quality even at fast tempos. I've always really enjoyed comping for Carlos and sometimes I even find myself just laying out and listening to his improvising. Another facet of Carlos which has been of particular inspiration for me is his passion for Brazilian composers. Carlos has hipped me to some amazing guitar music particularly the compositions of Guinga whose music is a bit of a specialty for Carlos. Look for an incredible track on Carlos' new disc of him performing both guitar parts of a Guinga piece for two guitars. In the meantime here's a little sample of Carlos performing in Montreal:

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