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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Montreal Musicians : Piano trio reviews of Kananaskis and More!

Happy Freakin' New Year!!

I'm very happy to have my latest CD reviewed in Peter Hum's JazzBlog.ca along side two other Montreal pianists Steve Amirault and Marie Fatima Rudolf! I have been a fan of Peter's jazz writing for many years. His blog has now become pretty much the most read jazz blog in the world by jazz musicians and at this point I believe he is also attracting more non musicians than any other jazz blog. While Peter is an exceptionally well regarded writer what makes me a little nervous when I send him something of mine is the fact that he is also a jazz pianist. Of any review that I have ever had of my work it is always Peter's that means the most to me because he appreciates not only the music but also the playing in way that is the most informed of the process.  That is to say I think that other pianists probably hold the most biases when listening to other pianists. Maybe that's not entirely true but I think musicians are often the most judgmental when it comes to listening to someone who plays the same instrument. On the other hand it is those musicians who play the same instrument as we do who we can often grow very close too musically and personally. That's definitively how I feel about the other two pianists on Peter's review. I mean Steve has been a great source of inspiration for Montreal Pianists for 2 decades now and I consider him a very good friend. Marie Fatima or M-F as she has become known is very quickly becoming someone to watch for and listen to. Anyway I encourage you to read Peter's great blog and humbly ask you to read his reviews of some recent piano trio records by Montreal pianists. Read the review HERE

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